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Some information about the artists featured in the collection...

Although I am a painter, I do not paint anymore. The main ‘thing’ of my work has always been a scene that tells a little story. Over time painting became just a way to realize those little 'stories'. In need of getting more control over the ‘design’ of a scene I started to use computers with 3D and 2D software like Poser Photoshop Painter etc. (No photographs; to much ‘realism’. The software offers more ‘off real’ images, in a similar way like paintings "works".) This, and the increased quality of the inkjet printers, made it no longer necessary to paint.
To realize an idea I just sit behind my computer and gradually and intuitively build a scene until everything is perfect. I have decided that printing the results is enough.

Contact Rob Barber in SL for his locations!

Konnichiwa dear lover of the arts! May your days in SL be pleasant and go well for you. Suzanne Logan is geisha to Tatshujin Razi Semple, Okasan of Amatsu Mitsukai Okiya and a commissioned SL artist. Her play, for it is not work to her, includes sculpture, virtual art paintings and haiga, random building and landscaping. She will also provide I Ching readings on request. Suzanne is also an Avatarian Seeker. The Avatars of Change are a group in SL that provides charity in SL and RL. Please IM Suzanne Logan or Prelate Taras Balderdash if you are interested in more information about this group.

Contact Suzanne Logan in SL for her locations!


Jazz loves to create beauty from the places and the avatars she sees in Second Life. She has been an amateur artist/photographer all her life - the walls of her RL home are filled with her work. That passion has carried over into SL.

Jazz lives with her husband and their two dogs in Western Canada on the fringe of the Rocky Mountains where the rugged landscapes offer her inspiration and peace.

If you're interested in portraits of yourself, IM Jazz Calhern or email to discuss a photo shoot and a price.


If you enjoy the pictures you see displayed in our gallery, please be sure to visit You'll see more beautiful, natural, nude girls captured in sensuous, professional, dazzling photos of the highest aesthetic quality by the World's best photographers! MET also has an extensive archive of high quality movies MET ART is a complete immersion in flawless beauty.

For further information, contact Bernaldo Vandeverre.


Most of my artwork is mathematically inspired - there are many mathematical constructions which can be admired for their visual beauty, not to mention the beauty of the mathematical ideas behind them. I am a mathematician in real life, specialising in 3 dimensional geometry and topology, although my research tends to be with objects that cannot easily be represented in Second Life.
Much of my work can be seen in the Sculpture Garden of my home sim, The Future:
Contact Seifert Surface for more information.

It is with wonder and amazement that I jam these prims together.... tear, twist, wrench and pull. Turning this way that , fitting...fiddling, looking. .... and, as with any medium, the prim predelictions dictate the final appearance of this sl treasure. Is it true to it true to second life. Is it an impossibility. You tell me


This piece was born of my desire to create something beautiful that can only exist in SecondLife, something never before seen that exploits the power of the 3D environment. I wanted something very beautiful to look at, as well as fun for owners to play with. SecondLife gives us all amazing control over the shapes of the prims that we work with - but I wanted to make something that would create beautiful, complex, and unexpected shapes completely on it's own, as if it were a living thing, morphing into completely different shapes with every touch.

Another goal was to make it simply fun to use, and customize, by its owner. In this way it becomes more of a joint creation between the sculpture itself (in what shapes it happens to choose for itself at the time), the artist, and the owner. You can choose between various metallic textures as well as use a built-in texture picker and experiment with your own textures, add your own particle effects, resize it as large or small as you wish, change the texture rotation angles, as well as have the whole piece rotate at user-selectable speeds. In addition it has a way of placing your view point directly *inside* the piece giving you a fascinating and hypnotic full-screen view of the symmetry and beauty of the current shape of the sculpture from the inside out.

I also felt strongly that this sculpture needed an aural dimension to complete the feeling of peace, contemplation, and wonder that I wanted the piece to evoke, so the user has the ability to pick various looped ambient sounds that help evoke a stronger mood. Soothing and meditative, the music multiplies the visual enjoyment of the piece... observers are often unaware of how strongly they may subconsciously be reacting to the music the piece emanates, but I know that it evokes feelings that would not be there from visuals alone.

My ultimate hope is that I may inspire others to think about what this new 3D medium *is* in terms of art and what types of things are possible with the 3D engine as a powerful tool to realize very complex visions of light, sound, movement, space, and intelligent objects; all of these elements interacting with each other in a programmable and powerful way. I believe that creating 3D art in SL requires a whole new way of thinking; a new door has been opened and the possibilities have yet to be explored in terms of the things that creative minds can make that evoke powerful feelings in the people that observe them.

Contact Sasun Steinbeck in world.


Colour is the key. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano with its many chords. The artist is the hand that, by touching this or that key, sets the soul vibrating automatically."
~Wassily Kandinsky

Gracie Kendal

My name is Florence Chan, Aki Shichiroji in SL. I am a freelance artist open for any commissions whether in SL or RL. I work in a variety of media including digital, pencil, ink, watercolour, acrylic, oil, scratchboard, etc. and can combine media if necessary to reach your desired final product.

If you have enjoyed this artwork, you're very welcome to come check out my website at

As I do frequent SL and I place my artwork here as a networking tool for my professional interests, I respectfully request that you do *not* copy my artwork from either my SL products OR my website. This is my livelihood and I can only network if people know who to go to when they would like to see more.

Please send me an IM if you have any questions.


Florence Chan / Aki Shichiroji

About Zero Ball and Sylver Piccard...

We are artists that always look for new ways to express ourselves in sculptures. SL offers the chance to give our art multiple dimensions.

In this we have discovered an art form that is filled with kinetic energy and motion. We call this artform Meta Dimensional Art, or Metilism.

As artists (or Metilist) we break boundaries using scripts to enhance our art and create emotions and interaction.

This movement is global, and without prejudice, for all artists who recognize themselves in the description.

IM Zero Ball/Sylver


Welcome to Inside Out Photography!
As an avid SL explorer, I was stunned by the creativity and artistry of various buildings and landscapes. As a member of a travelling group in SL, I was encouraged to show my photographs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed finding these beautiful scenes. I encourage you to take the time to explore and look for beauty around you.


In Real Life, Shoshana Epsilon has always thought herself as artistic as a rock, but in Second Life, her eye for beauty has allowed her to capture some beautiful scenes. Eight pictures are on display in the Angel Dorei Museum that highlight her work. None of these pictures used Photoshop. Irfanview was used to crop the pictures. Shoshana tries to capture the personality of the avatar in her pictures.

Each picture has a vote counter in it. You may vote for as many pictures as you wish, but each picture only once. These "votes" will be counted so she can see which pictures you like best.

Epsilon Photography is available for your portrait and wedding needs.

Most portraits will be taken in my studio, where I have dozens of poses (male, female, and couples poses) at our disposal. If you have a favorite pose of your own, I'd be happy to use that as well.

IM Shoshana Epsilon for more information.

You can view my work at:
or view an article in french at:,11-0@2-781732,32-803501@1-4711,0.html

Images by Callipygian Chrsitensen….

Images by Calli Fine art photographic images of avatars and objects in Second Life, by Callipygian Christensen. Calli produces fashion, portrait, landscape and still life art, striving for an element of mood and emotion reflecting ‘real-world’ imagery. Some images are retouched in Photoshop, while others are raw in-world uploads. Calli’s images have won both juried and people’s choice awards in Second Life photographic contests. Images can be viewed and purchased at the following locations: The Gallery at Shengri La (newly opened with a full range of images, and special exhibits)
Calli’s at the Cay (Victorian-inspired boudoir images and portraits)
Images by Calli in Tamrannoch (Victorian-inspired portraits and couture images)
All images are available individually, or as collections mounted in viewers or bound in books.
Please feel free to IM me, Callipygian Christensen, to discuss any particular ideas or images.

About Xenophile Neurocam….

Prim Smith
SL and RL photography

IM for serious inquiries only.
About Ro Gastel...
Most of my art work is an outlet for for those things that have no words. Things that cannot be spoken, feelings and concepts that need too many words or that words fail to describe. Often my work is based on music or things and people I see.
I have many years of 3d work back to the time when 3D computer art was just begining. I work in Poser, Bryce and various other software packages. I am exploring SL and starting to do my art work with SL content only.
With my mate Enali Haller we own a beautiful Art and Sculpture garden and a retail store. We formed the a group called Liquid Prims and have branched out from there trying just about everything in SL.
About Abbaca Aoi...
Abbaca Aoi is an artist in Second Life as well as in Real Life. Her Abbacadabra Gallery is a living art garden with exquisite motion sculptures, wall sculptures and print art.
Abbaca's art has been exhibited in many of Second Life's premiere museums, galleries and other venues. NMC Aho Museum, Crescent Moon Museum, Second Louvre Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Neufreistadt are a few of the places where her art can be seen.
Abbaca is also a professional musician in Real Life. Under her music persona 'Dreamaiden' she recently released her debut CD 'Blue Light' - beautiful, hypnotic, electronic music. When you visit Abbacadabra Gallery you can hear this music playing.
Contact Abbaca Aoi for more information.

Hello, I'm Stormy Roentgen!

I spend most of my SL time building sculptures and sculptured fountains.

Check my profile in world for more information.

About Dave Koi….

Dave describes himself as having an "Artists heart in a Mechanics brain".

After 25 years in a wheelchair using his 'mechanics brain' to solve the problems of doing everyday life, Dave fell apart and fell into Second Life. There, experiencing SL as a 'virtual psychotherapy agent' he re discovered his 'artists heart' - something life's circumstance and pressures caused him to forget about since always excelling at during his school years.

His art is an honest expression drawing heavily on elements that convey a sense of what he feels at any given time. In that sense, a study of his art is a study of Dave himself.

Symbols, patterns, natural settings and words, used alone or in combination, are all things which appeal to Dave's senses for conveying what he often feels strongly.

A love of detail, a desire for depth in our existence and a craving for connection and the things that keep us 'human' all drive Dave to question and explore his own and all of our journeys.

Dave lives in Australia and works in the IT field.

About Alexandra Mensing….Mensing Kaleidescopes

I began the creation of virtual kaleidescopes shortly after attaining my Second Life, and seeing the dizzying possibilites for visual art here. It all starts with a prim that is scuplted and formed, then a build of multiple objects aligned just so. Add a lush and vibrant texture, and set it all in motion with an appropriate script, and the excitement of kaleidescopes blossoms.

As beautiful as a 'scope is to watch, the real attraction is how interactive they can be. In RL we turn, flip and shake a scope, interchange the objectives, or tilt it to change the speed of the display. In SL visual displays can have similar randomness and variation, and transformations unique to a virtual reality.

Kaleidescopes can be commissioned with themes, colors and shape, including HUD, glass house, table top and wall hanging. Please contact Alexandra Mensing for details.

About Bravo Bravo … Kinetic Sculptures

Enjoy an everchanging piece of artwork.
These sculptures are dynamic and randomly change every 30 seconds or so.
An infinite range of pulsating patterns are beautiful and soothing.

The sculptures come with an optional stand. Or you may choose to hang it on a wall.
When moving the sculpture select the outer circular frame.
After taking a sculpture to inventory just delete the leftover spinners. They are created by the frame as needed.
Contact Bravo Bravo for more information.

About Meleni Fairymeadow...
I have been making a selling sculptures in SL since July 2006. I specialise in figure studies.
I am available for commissions.
You will find around 50 of my most recent sculptures for sale from a 3D ventor in my studio – Melifont Abbey. A similar number of my earlier works are available from the vendor located in Vlad Bjornson’s garden centre.

About Gwen Carillon (Elements in Design- Home Furnishings & Accessories, Dreamscapes Gallery)

Gwen Carillon came into SL in May 2006 with a background in design, sculpture and photography. Her first week in Second Life was spent building furniture. Although she does create some realistic pieces, her main focus has always been fantasy. Gwen's favorite photo, The Kiss, is on display in her gallery, Dreamscapes. She often dreams her builds before creating them in world. Gwen's sculptures and photographs are her passion. Her work in SL reflects her experiences in world. Gwen draws inspiration from her Elements Family and her close friend Tab Scott, who has been steadfast in supporting her creative process. "SL is not an imitation of RL. It is a world all it's own."

About FigBash Snook...

This is FigBash Snook. I am a prize-winning amateur photographer in RL, have now established a gallery for the SL version of my photo company, Sacred Lion Portraiture
If you would like to work with me and create the perfect stylized portrait for your avatar, home, or store, I will be happy to do so at your convenience. I can offer up a wide variety of artistic styles, from anime to art deco, from watercolor to wall fresco, from cubist to expressionist.
I also create fantastic traditional floor mosaics for your home or store, based on either your own SL snapshot or one we take together. IM me and let's get started!

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