Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Who's who at the Main Campus (Main Campus, 102,134, 23)

For more information about art, artist or to purchase, please contact the artist directly:

Main Campus Building

Kisa Naumova- Textures on prim (several pieces)
Moon Cole- EE Math Prim Art, EE prim port art
Alexandra Mensing- Fire, Ice, Cliffs
Abbaca Aoi- 3D flowers, Dreamaiden, Pyramids, Electric
Gwen Carillon- Patterns, Not just a dream, Softly
Figbash Snook- Nightdrive
Cheen Pitney- Bridge Collage

Main campus riverside garden

Abbaca Aoi- Triangles
Seifert Surface- Archimedian Spire
Cheen Pitney- If you love
Gwen Carillon- Dime Store Candy
Arkesh Baral- Within
Wolf Hartnell- First steps

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