Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Who's who at the Museum of Avatar Art, Socrates (Socrates, 145,143,22)

Images and paintings in the Museum

For more information about art, artist or to purchase these,contact the artist via IM in-world

Level one museum

Gracie Kendall- Passion Within, Self Portrait as Gracie Kendall,
Callipygian Christensen- Mood Indigo, Gothic Arch, Maori facial tattoos, Grey Lady
HannahMichelle Brouwer- Worlds apart, Gloss mountain 1,
Sinsaber Holgado- Grace and passion
Seraphein Renoir- Painting and painted statue
Nightwind Redgrave- Never High Enough, Bubble Dance,
Maeni Skall- Regrets
VJ Judocus- Astronaute, Listen,
Half Moxing- Mai I, (no name- furry in grass), A Lovers’ Cuddle, Fursona Drawing
Melissavp Islander- Neon Undies 2, Neon Melissa L2
Emmanuel Alcott- Abi- a bed in France, Zelda- Dune at Arcachon, France
Ro Gastel- Man in the Box, Scarlet Letter
Bernaldo Vandeverre (Raistlin Ombrone)- Reflex of Alex
Shoshana Epsilon- Eye of the Jessica Gallery
Brooksini McAllister- Miss Rita Fyne, Threshhold
Aki Shichiroji- Tonal 2

Level two museum

Jazz Calhern- Sugah 2, Sugah, Underwater garden, Storny 2, Golden Black Angel
Callipygian Christensen- The Mission, SL Girl reclining, Blings on her fingers, Adjusting her stockings, Madame Peignoir, Which fur to wear?, Renaissance Woman, On display, Scarlet,
Nightwind Redgrave- Two to Tango, Fantasy Bridge, Dark Rose, Rathborn the Deciever, No entry, Bikers in the woods, Waiting for a ring, Chance Encounter
Dranna Tempura- Temptation- T
Shoshana Epsilon- Shoshana in Moonlight Gallery
Mo Ames- Succubae, Toxic, Valbellia
Figbash Snook- Condemned
Ro Gastel-Drawing down the moon, Master of puppets, Angel
Dave Koi-No Longer Alone
Pandora Wake- Improved Belly Dancer av
Bernaldo Vandeverre (Raistlin Ombrone)- White Slave 1, Sauna,
Suzanne Logan- Geisha Love
Rob Barber- The Last Dot 3
Michelle Babii- One Window

Level three museum

Patromino Paravane- Avatar Love, Rezthispicture!
Emmanuel Alcott- Lyn 1
Mo Ames- Akasha
Callipygian Christensen -Lighthouse moon
Brooksini McAllister- Lindy Lou plays army, Everything’s Ducky, Fox in the Henhouse, The Virtue Series: Faith, The Virtue Series: Duty, The Seven Deadly Sins Series: Envy, Till death do us part, Liberty take a holiday
Aki Shichiroji- Tonal 1, Tonal 3, Tonal 4, Sin, Naïve Power
Nightwind Redgrave- Queen and Mastiff
Maeni Skall- Infini
Julie Vertes- Synergie, New Blocks- Lounge Style
Seraphein Renoir- Painting
Princess Pierterson- Swirl 2000
Rosk Newman- Electric Boy
Paco Prospero- WIP Beg
Verve LeShelle- Verved
Ro Gastel- Counting Blue Cars
Jazz Calhern- Occasion with wine
Indigo Mougin- She’s got legs, Sugar and spice and all things Indigo, Self portrait 2
Figbash Snook- Annika Wall mosaic
Michelle Babii- The lonely dock
Didier Lange- Demi-tournee au bar du cercle

Level four museum

VJ Judocus- Shellwave
Avery Lukas- Prism 32, Primary colours 1, Primary colours 2, Black and Red on white, Primary colours 3
Kisa Naumova -7810- texture on prim, 7846- texture on prim, 0068 – Texture on prim, 0108 texture on prim
Gwen Carillon- Faerie candy
Oxoc Ah- Big spikes, Copperball
Rezago Kokorin- Spiralling into winter
Deborah Doowangle- Fiery Black Hole, Milky Way
Dave Koi- Fractured Hopes, Lucid Moments
Strong Visions (Snaper Strong) Walking Canvas

Annexe to gallery

Patromino Paravane- Avatar Love Stories

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