Saturday, 16 June 2007

NEW EXHIBIT- Images by Callipygian Christensen

One of the most gifted portrait photographers of Second Life is Callipygian Christensen. She manages to capture the true feelings of the Avatar: her portraits show us insecurity, vanity, sadness, serenity, lust and all other kinds of properties that the Avatar is not supposed to have. So whose feelings are displayed in her portraits? Are they the users, the ones behind the Avatars? Are they her own? It will always remain a mystery. Check out her portraits in her new exhibition, and - if you haven't seen them yet - in the permanent collection of the Museum of Avatar Art. Check out her landscapes too. They have the same quality as her portraits.
Through her eyes, Second Life seems to be a real place, where we can love, be unhappy or where we can die in "some untidy spot" - as W.H. Auden remarked in his "Musee des Beaux Arts".We are proud to be able to show Callipygian Christensen's work to the public in the exhibition hall in Socrates. Be sure to come and see it.

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